Introducing Deptford Northern Soul Club Records, in association with [PIAS]. A modern reissue label, enabling Northern Soul lovers, young and old, to experience the music as it was meant to be heard.
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“After scouring record shops, markets and the internet for the best music for our sets we became increasingly frustrated at the cost and poor quality of the records that we wanted to play out. Whilst being happy to use digital alternatives in their place, good quality WAVs for some of the more obscure tracks became near impossible to find. So from day one we began to make a list of all the tracks we played out that were unobtainable on vinyl and those we could only have dreamt of playing that it seemed were lost to time. This list became the bedrock for Deptford Northern Soul Club Records, and with the help of Northern fans up and down the UK it grew to the point where we began searching for the rights and the highest quality audio to reissue. We are so excited to begin sharing releases soon. KTF!” Will and Lewis, 2019


DNSCR030 - Josephine Taylor - Is It Worth A Chance/ Krystal Generation - Satisfied

Two tracks from the short-lived Twinight label from Chicago that peaked in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, their biggest star being the super soulful Syl Johnson

Featuring the flipside of Josephine Taylor’s 1969 single ‘I’ve Made Up My Mind’, original copies of which go for anything between £30 and £100 these days

A brass peppered funker with a driving bass line behind Josephine’s strutting vocal, it was the climax of her short career that started with three 45s for the Mar-V-Lus label

Cut with Krystal Generation’s 1970 side ‘Satisfied’, the B-side of their ‘Is It Meant To Be’ that goes for around £75 if you can find a copy

A female four-piece from Chicago featuring Darlene Arnold who recorded several sides in her own right as well as half a dozen with Krystal Generation who also released a couple of singles on Gene Chandler’s Mister Chand label

‘Satisfied’ revolves around Darlene’s lead vocal, some glorious harmonies and some sassy Stax-like horns.

Slightly slower paced than Josephine Taylor’s cut, more soulful but just as funky.