Introducing Deptford Northern Soul Club Records, in association with [PIAS]. A modern reissue label, enabling Northern Soul lovers, young and old, to experience the music as it was meant to be heard.
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“After scouring record shops, markets and the internet for the best music for our sets we became increasingly frustrated at the cost and poor quality of the records that we wanted to play out. Whilst being happy to use digital alternatives in their place, good quality WAVs for some of the more obscure tracks became near impossible to find. So from day one we began to make a list of all the tracks we played out that were unobtainable on vinyl and those we could only have dreamt of playing that it seemed were lost to time. This list became the bedrock for Deptford Northern Soul Club Records, and with the help of Northern fans up and down the UK it grew to the point where we began searching for the rights and the highest quality audio to reissue. We are so excited to begin sharing releases soon. KTF!” Will and Lewis, 2019


DNSCR034 - Harold Hutton - Lucky Boy/ The Dells - Thinkin' About You

Two more classic tunes from the DNSC dancefloor, Remastered for maximum effect.

Harold Hutton’s ‘Lucky Boy’ was originally on the Chess sub-label Checker. Released in 1965 an original goes for around £50 these days. ‘Lucky Boy’ was the B-side of his debut single ‘It’s A Good Thing’ which launched him on a career that included regular spots on Soul Train during the 70s.Filled with Motown-esque horn stabs it builds into a bongo-powered frenzy.

The super soulful Dells’ flipside from a year later was originally on Cadet, another Chess subsidiary originally called Argo.Another £30-£50 gem if you can find an original copy. Typical of the band’s close harmony style, ‘Thinkin' About You’ is a mid-tempo groove with an insistent rhythm and some lush strings.

All topped with a heart-warming baritone vocal on a classic piece of soul romanticism.